Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grandpappy calls

Tomorrow is January 31st, the deadline (Midnight EST) to be 'GRANDFATHERED IN'
with our compensation plan qualification.

Many of you have taken advantage of this promotion and have locked in your positions
these past few weeks, others of you have here is one last day that you 
can catch the wave of this promotion with our 3-TIME WEBINAR BLITZ
with presentations at 2pm, 6pm, and 9:30pm EST!

Register for all three right here!

Webinar ID: 143-362-883 

Webinar ID: 100-309-811 

Webinar ID: 149-754-619 

You DO NOT want to MISS OUT on this promotion, as you will be qualified to
earn commissions on all 12 levels of the matrix without sponsoring!

Get yourself registered along with your guests and be sure to UPGRADE 
before Midnight EST tomorrow or you will MISS OUT!!!

See ya on the blitz tomorrow!

Team SmartZway

Saturday, January 19, 2013

BEST TRAFFIC SOLUTION for the network marketing industry

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! We GOT IT and EVERYONE needs it and WANTS it!!! Do you know what the difference is between Facebook, Google, and Smartzway? They all offer online advertising and traffic but ONLY SMARTZWAY PAYS YOU!!! That's why If you have NOT seen the enhanced business webinar by our VP-Sales, Brian Lyles, you are MISSING THE BOAT! Smartzway has unlocked the best kept traffic source in the industry and is ready to help you EXPLODE your Smartzway business and any other affiliate marketing business you got going right now. Click here to register: Webinar ID: 116-454-387 REMEMBER, the BIG MONEY is made when you take advantage of great timing and when you take massive action. We have the BEST TRAFFIC SOLUTION for the network marketing industry along with a VERY LUCRATIVE PAY PLAN so there has never been a better time than now to get your business rolling with Smartzway! Join us on the webinar and catch the wave! See great marketers there. Team Smartzway  traffic getting .

Friday, January 18, 2013

Traffic Machine

Don't miss our Saturday business webinar presentation with Brian Lyles! Webinar ID: 155-826-147 Smartzway is on the move as the Traffic Machine is getting cranked up BIG TIME! People everywhere are getting UPGRADED and signed up for their traffic packages so that they can explode whatever business their in. You GOTTA HURRY....and get yourself UPGRADED TODAY so that you can lock in your qualification for all 14 levels of the matrix without sponsoring anyone as the deadline ends on Feb. 1st! Big companies are now positioning their leaders and getting ready to bring their downlines in which will make this 2x14 fill in fast! Question is where do you want to be? At or near the top or at or near the bottom? That's why NOW IS THE TIME to get your position locked in, upgraded, and ready to get paid! Let's get the word out about Smartzway and pack 'em in tomorrow morning at 11am EST. See ya there! Team Smartzway

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Traffic Clicks

BIG WEBINAR TONIGHT!!! Hey Team! Don't miss tonight's powerful business opportunity webinar with our VP-Sales, Brian Lyles at 9:30pm! People everywhere are loving the new enhancements that were discussed on Sunday night including: * having until Feb 1st to upgrade to be grandfathered in at all 14 levels of pay in matrix! * 2 1/2 times more money in compensation plan! * HUGE increase in traffic clicks to your site with no increase in cost! * and more! Register here: Webinar ID: 143-428-515 Tonight, there will be another major announcement made that make building your business even better so invite tons of guests and be there at 9:30 pm EST! NOW, is the time to get your pre-registered position UPGRADED and ready to get paid! Remember, MASSIVE ACTION = MASSIVE RESULTS! See ya there. Team Smartzway

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big Call

BIG CALL TONIGHT!!! DON'T MISS IT!!! Hey Team! Don't forget tonight at 9:00 pm EST, we will be having our BIG UPDATE call with our VP-Sales, Brian Lyles! Be sure to dial in a few minutes early at 1-213-226-0400 pin 282543 as the lines will fill up quickly. We have HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS to be made tonight involving very exciting changes with our traffic opportunities along with incredible compensation plan enhancements! The bottom line is that everything is perfectly aligned to build yourself a massive residual income so you won't want to miss the information on tonights call! See ya there! from Team Smartzway

Friday, January 11, 2013

best traffic solutions

Important! Don't miss the call Sunday night!

Hey Team,

We have GREAT NEWS!!!   GTB-The SmartZway

We have been working behind the scenes with many new things involving 
the product and compensation plan and we will be sharing the highlights on Sunday night!

Join the call at 1-213-226-0400 pin 282543.

You will want to have all of your leaders and guests on the Sunday night call. 
Smartzway is committed to bringing out the best traffic solutions for those in the home-based business industry,
and of course the most lucrative compensation plan too!

There will be lots of announcements and good news to go around so again
don't miss the call on Sunday night at 9:00 pm EST!

See ya there.

Team Smartzway

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Global Smartzway

    Meeting Global Needs - The SmartZ Way


Hey Team!

Hope your enjoying your weekend!

Don't forget to join us tonight with a guest on our 9:00 pm 
business opportunity webinar!
Webinar ID: 122-837-707 

Every webinar is an opportunity for you to grow your income so let's pack it out tonight!

See ya there.

Team Smartzway

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy new time to rumble

Don't forget about our upcoming business presentation at 9:30 pm EST tonight!

Register here:
Webinar ID: 120-276-459 

2013 is back in full swing and we are too here at Smartzway!

See ya there!

Team Smartzway