Saturday, January 19, 2013

BEST TRAFFIC SOLUTION for the network marketing industry

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! We GOT IT and EVERYONE needs it and WANTS it!!! Do you know what the difference is between Facebook, Google, and Smartzway? They all offer online advertising and traffic but ONLY SMARTZWAY PAYS YOU!!! That's why If you have NOT seen the enhanced business webinar by our VP-Sales, Brian Lyles, you are MISSING THE BOAT! Smartzway has unlocked the best kept traffic source in the industry and is ready to help you EXPLODE your Smartzway business and any other affiliate marketing business you got going right now. Click here to register: Webinar ID: 116-454-387 REMEMBER, the BIG MONEY is made when you take advantage of great timing and when you take massive action. We have the BEST TRAFFIC SOLUTION for the network marketing industry along with a VERY LUCRATIVE PAY PLAN so there has never been a better time than now to get your business rolling with Smartzway! Join us on the webinar and catch the wave! See great marketers there. Team Smartzway  traffic getting .


  1. AFTER you have paid the $49.95 for the SmartZway monthly traffic package,
    log into your account and click on Traffic Campaign.

    If you want to promote your SmartZway business, simply click on View Pre-Approved Banners,
    and choose the last the one for SmartZway. Your campaign will start within the hour.

    If you want to promote a business other than SmartZway then follow the instructions on
    the Traffic Campaign page. You will need to provide us with banners, text and the URL of your Landing Page.
    We will review your ad for approval as soon as possible. When your ad is approved your campaign will start within the hour

  2. Credit Card Glitch is fixed!

    Hey Team,

    We apologize for any inconvenience today in getting your orders processed,
    we discovered that there was a glitch in the payment processor system and it was resolved.

    Many of you tried to process your cards more than once only to see declines.
    Some of them may decline for one of these 3 reasons:

    1. straigth bank decline
    2. address doesn't match their billing address
    3. duplicate transaction

    IF it didn't fall under one of those three, it was most likely part of the glitch and
    you should be have not further issue getting your card to go through so please try again!

    Remember, to be fully qualified and in the promotion and pay plan, you must pay your $29.95 annual admin fee
    along with purchase a traffic package for $49.95 or retail one to someone else.
    The fastest way is just set yourself up as a customer.

    Don't forget tonight's webinar coming up at 9:30pm with Brian Lyles, it's going to be good one!
    Webinar ID: 110-175-003

    See ya there!

    Team Smartzway

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