Smartzway bulletin


Hey Team!

Wow, I hope your are getting on these explosive business opportunity calls with the VP of Sales, Brian Lyles, he is on fire!

If you MISSED IT, you missed a great recruiting and sales opportunity.
Brian absolutely comes prepared every night loaded with excitement 
and information to get your invited guests fired up and on board!  Your job is to get them there!

--> Dial 1-213-226-0006 pin 17937769 to hear the call

Everything is in motion now with thousands of people from all over the world upgrading their positions
and getting ready for the OC Pages Traffic product to open up (be watching tomorrow's emails!)
so if you have not upgraded yet, go to your site NOW, LOGIN, AND PAY YOUR $29.95.

Also, Brian made a big announcement on the call that the company is 
going to extend the pre-launch promotion for a couple more days until Sunday midnight EST. 
We are so close to getting the first 5,000 already on board 
and many other leaders are coming in so this is your last chance to get into the action
with the pre-launch don't wait any longer!

The next call is going to be at 9pm EST this coming Sunday night with Brian. Dial 1-213-226-0400 pin 282543.

Folks, the money train has NOW LEFT THE STATION, the question is are YOU ON BOARD?

Remember, everything you DO between now and the end of this month, will set up your momentum for next year in let's make it happen!

See ya on the call.

SmartZway Admin.


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